QA & Testing Services – Guarantee Next-Gen Experience

Alesha Tech assists you to deliver quality software in addition to providing your consumers with the finest experience.

What We Do

Leveraging our skill in different businesses, we have well-established robust testing practices and mechanisms geared to your particular business objectives. We will make sure that your consumers get the finest solution according to their needs.

QA Consulting

We assist you expose the root issues of your quality glitches and find them by carrying out a QA audit. If you just start a new project, we can plan an ideal QA strategy.

Quality Assessment

Our team will review your software from diverse angles, like – code functionality, quality, security and performance to deliver you a complete report.

Functional Testing

Our experienced QA testing team authenticates the software system to confirm every functional prerequisite of the application meets the projected outcomes.

Compatibility Testing

Discover the potentials of compatibility testing with Alesha Tech testing services across diverse operating systems, browsers, resolution displays and databases.

Performance Testing

Our skilled team of performance testing executes quality checks and analysis of software behavior under stress and load, which guarantees reliable and smarter applications.

Security Testing

Our testing services are executed by experts who perform risk penetration and assessment testing to protect applications from malicious threats or hackers.

QA & Testing Services

Benefits of our QA & Testing Services

Alesha Tech has a perfect client experience. And we put our dominant focus on the quality of software that we supply to our customers. Check below the key benefits of our given services…

Automation & Agility

Perfect agile distribution from an UX inspection to a performance valuation from compliance and security tests to testers, DevOps, and code review.

In-house Quality Standards

We follow proven guidelines, documents as well as processes which confirm the best business standards and practices.

Manual Testing

Our QA team performs manual testing to detect errors around the user interface or usability (which cannot be identified in automatic testing).

Alesha Tech – QA and Testing Stages

Our key goal is to reach uncompromised product & service quality. That is why the Alesha Tech testing procedure includes the following steps:
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Some Insights

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What peoples say about us

We feel proud of providing excellent services to our clients and building excellent partnerships with them. Read what our loyal clients saying about us.

"The animator’s team is brilliant. They show their professionalism while finishing their job and handle all the tasks as assigned to them, also delivering on-time."
Patricia Muller
"I’d like to thank the Alesha Tech team for their exceptional dedication to our assignment. They took time to understand the requirements of the jobs."
Michael Clark
"One of the best IT companies I’ve seen, who transform my ideas into reality. I’m really happy with the outcomes and recommend their services to everyone."
Kent Milestone

Let’s Build Something Together

Alesha Tech team works with clients from scratch to complete a project in addition to assisting them to achieve their goal.