Augmented & Virtual Reality Services – Extended Realities to Reality

At Alesha Tech, we support you to discover the real outputs of these advance technologies. We can create visually pleasant experiences to your consumers.

What We Do

Being an AR & VR development service provider, we build innovative and reliable applications for evolving up-to-date tech opportunities in the fast-growing world.

AR Development Services

We assist our clients to grow their consumer reliability with the immersive power of AR (augmented reality) applications.

VR Development Services

Increase the way of communication in addition to breaking the borders of VR (virtual reality) experience with the help of apps.

MR Custom Solutions

Applying MR (mixed reality) enables us to create mobile apps with lots of business values and improve the user experience.

AR & VR Services

How We Work

Alesha Tech AR & VR services have previously assisted many clients create better designs and workflows while increasing cooperation & reducing costs. Our services enable you to reach your business goal.


First, we understand your requirements, and then we identify the areas to develop into Augmented & Virtual Reality.


In this step, we produce a script and create a storyboard applying manuscripts, and then design according to relevant content.


Lastly, our quality control experts & editors judge the content for accurateness of language and information.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Nowadays, customers are like to get next-generation user experiences applying Augmented & Virtual Reality. It’s allowing businesses with advance technologies to get maximum value. Checkout the key benefits of AR & VR…

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Some Insights

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What peoples say about us

We feel proud of providing excellent services to our clients and building excellent partnerships with them. Read what our loyal clients saying about us.

"The animator’s team is brilliant. They show their professionalism while finishing their job and handle all the tasks as assigned to them, also delivering on-time."
Patricia Muller
"I’d like to thank the Alesha Tech team for their exceptional dedication to our assignment. They took time to understand the requirements of the jobs."
Michael Clark
"One of the best IT companies I’ve seen, who transform my ideas into reality. I’m really happy with the outcomes and recommend their services to everyone."
Kent Milestone

Let’s Build Something Together

Alesha Tech team works with clients from scratch to complete a project in addition to assisting them to achieve their goal.