User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

It is the method of getting insights into network events which users create every day that is referred to as user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). It may be used to identify the usage of lateral movement, compromised credentials, and other malicious threats once it has been stored and evaluated.

UEBA Feature

UEBA enhances security data by incorporating reliable relevant information. This data increased the efficiency of event detection by lowering the number of false positives. It also allows for context-based threat detection. User and entity behavior analytics consists of 6 fundamental features such as –

Benefits of UEBA

Enables entity monitoring, improves the efficacy of current security solutions, & helps meet industry standards. Primary benefits of an UEBA solution are:

How Does UEBA work?

From system logs, an UEBA system gathers data on user & entity activity. It analyzes the data using powerful analytical tools and creates a baseline of user activity patterns. To detect abnormal activity, UEBA continually analyzes entity activities and compared it to baseline performance for the same or related entities. Base lining is essential for an UEBA system since it allows for the detection of possible attacks. The UEBA system generates a risk rating and evaluates if variations are allowed by combining the preset baseline with present user activity. When the risk score reaches a particular level, the system sends a real-time warning to security experts.

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