Privileged Access Management (PAM)

PAM (privileged access management) is a security system which allows businesses to manage and track privileged user activities, such as their access to sensitive information of business systems and what they may do once signed in.

PAM Feature

Privileged access management is a set of technologies meant to assist organizations in dealing with the challenges that come with privileged accounts. A set of adaptive access management features is necessary to efficiently manage privileged accounts.

How Does PAM Work?

The PAM system store privileged access credentials, such as admin accounts, in a secure repository known as a vault. From inside the vault, sys admins must access the passwords through the Privileged access management system, where they will be authorized, and their access will be logged. Whenever a credential is logged back in, it is reset, ensuring that administrators must utilize the PAM system next time they need it.

Advantages of PAM:

PAM establishes an isolated, highly protected, and highly managed environment for controlling and storing access to privileged credentials. Also, it enables accurate usage monitoring for privileged accounts (administrator accounts, for example), which are mostly share accounts.

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